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Happiness is the highest form of health. Dalai Lama

Welcome! We are happy to share with you a little bit of our trajectory. The Ayurveda Cabinet was created in 2018 by me - Henrique Bertini and my partner and friend Victor Ajuz - with the objective of helping people to achieve and maintain health and well-being, through this millenary wisdom. All of our actions are aimed at promoting this incredible path of balance and healing that I have been taking since my first trip to India in 1994.

Thus, we created a structure based on three pillars:

Clinical, educational and nutraceutical:

The first pillar refers to actions that involve consultations, personalized consultations and treatments, with our team of Indian Vaidyas - doctors. All with solid academic and practical training for many years in the area. Scheduling can be done right here on the website or through our communication channels.

We believe that Ayurveda is a choice we make when we decide to take responsibility for our health and therefore our happiness. For this, we need to learn how to apply these teachings in our daily lives. It is a unique and very transforming path through self-knowledge.

We offer introductory, improvement and training courses in Ayurveda in Brazil, Portugal and India, in partnership with hospitals, clinics and universities. More recently we also created online courses. As we realized that it is an efficient way to make our content go further, we will produce several others. All information about course dates and topics you can find on our website and social media.

The annual India travel program is a special chapter! We love that part. We set up an Ayurvedic treatment program very diligently, with our team, and carefully selected the route to be followed. Always visiting ethnic minorities and reference centers / spas in Ayurveda. We also create special programs for individual treatments. Check our agenda and get ready for an unforgettable trip.

The third and most recent pillar is the creation of a product line based on the precepts of the fundamental scriptures of Ayurveda. All products are manufactured with raw materials and with the most sustainable process possible. Check our online store for news.

As Ayurveda is a subject that we love and live in practice, we want to invite you to be part of this journey we are all on, with indications of which path, individually, is most suitable for each one of us. It is a loving healing process that teaches us, through self-knowledge, how to perfect the connection between our body, mind and spirit so that we can reach the end of this journey happy and present.


The creators

Henrique Bertini

& Victor Ajuz

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We are grateful to our friends and partners who help us honor our choices.

and to promote Ayurveda.

Partners and supporters

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